Do you feel like you are Soaring?

Or are you Stalled Out in Life? 

How about your Health and Energy? Love life? Career? Purpose? 

Are you on a seemingly narrower and narrower path and feeling a bit resigned to

"THIS is all there is?" 

We all have ups and downs in this roller coaster called LIFE and sometimes we can just feel STUCK! 

Our relationships can lose their spark as we find ourselves on different pages than our partners. Careers lose their sizzle. Low energy. Health and weight not where we'd like it. Lack of purpose dwindling. 

And, even though we show up responsibly each day - life is just not as much fun as it used to be. We're not really feeling the joy. And where did that energy go? 

Here's the kicker:

Many of us get trapped into believing and accepting that this is as good as it's going to get - that this is our new normal. Even though we've tried and said we want MORE, we just seem to get MORE of what we already have! 

We are Cindy and Bob McKee and we were right where you are today. 

A little stale. A little frustrated. Not really feeling it. And afraid that this was kind of how it was going to be. We were a decade long into our study of personal development and saw a lot of improvement for sure and helped a lot of people - but we wanted more!

We knew there was MORE. 

We had tried on a lot of different models in the personal development field that helped in the short term but they didn't create the permanent change we were seeking. 

Until now. Until we discovered a system that we now teach and coach on - one that is rooted in science that addresses the "why" of where we are. That our brains are literally programmed to have us right back in the same spot over and over again! 

Thanks to the field of neuroscience and the discovery of neural plasticity, we now know that we can literally build NEW wiring in our brains - at any stage of life, for what we really want and what we would love to experience in our everyday lives, regardless of our past and present challenges.

And, that it can stick. 

Can you imagine waking up refreshed, energized, and ready for your day - feeling good? Can you imagine relationships that are fired up and connected? How about exploring and creating new projects or giving back in a meaningful way? That THIS could be your new normal AND something you could count on? 

We DON'T want you to settle for "This is as good as it gets" in any area of your life.

We don't want you to settle for "This is my life now" - low energy, not really all that charged up by today and what's ahead. Frustrated. 

We believe the embers are still glowing in there for you and just need a little fanning.

We want you to SOAR!

Working our proven, 6-week, From Stalled to Soaring System with us will get you going again -- just like it did for us.

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Let’s Not Settle!

How about creating a LIFE that lights you up again?

No more one step forward, two steps back. Happy one day, in a funk the next.  Frustrated and un-motivated.

Let’s fan those flames and light that spark.

We want you to SOAR!

Going through our proven, 6-week, From Stalled to Soaring Coaching Program with us will get you going again! Energized. We’ll have your back - and you’ll learn the tools you need to KEEP yourself moving in the direction of your dreams. The tools we use ourselves every day. 

What if... 

What if you had more... 

- Energy

- Connection

- Clarity

- Courage & Confidence

- Health

- Purpose

- Lasting results


Let's give you a Jump Start! 

We want to learn about you!

Click here or on the button below to schedule a free call with one of us! We'll get on the phone for 45 minutes, packed with learning and valuable information, and see if we can't help you create a world of possibility again. 



Cindy and Bob McKee

Certified Transformational MindSet Coaches

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